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Law may change child custody system for those in military

One can only imagine the horror associated with coming home from active military service and being unable to find one's own children. Shockingly, this has happened to more than one member of the U.S. military (perhaps, some in Maryland) when child custody orders were changed during their active duty service and they were unable to be present in court. New legislation known as HB 4071 is designed to protect military service members when custody disputes arise while they are overseas.

Senator Rick Jones introduced HB 4071. Many say it is a positive step toward protecting parental rights of active service military members. The law would prevent judges from making any changes to existing court orders or child custody agreements while a parent is deployed in the military.

Avoiding child custody problems during the holidays

In Maryland and other states, many former spouses will soon be dealing with various schedules and visits relating to the upcoming holiday season. To avoid child custody problems during such times, many parents have included specific instructions in their court orders so no stone is left unturned. This way, everyone involved is clear on which parent spends which holiday with whom.

It's typically best to be flexible and willing to cooperate and compromise when planning holiday celebrations. Studies show children do best when they spend ample time with both parents, unless extenuating circumstances exist that would be potentially detrimental to the children. In fact, some parents even agree to spend holidays together to create a peaceful and festive atmosphere for their children.

What child custody has to do with what kids eat for supper

Couples in Maryland who divorce often face challenges when developing future parenting plans. Many relationships are fragile when there have been emotional rifts or communication breakdowns between former spouses. Some, however, say it is definitely possible to maintain an amicable relationship with a former spouse and actually forge a strong and peaceful alliance where child custody and related matters are concerned.

Readers may be surprised to learn what most worries some parents after divorce. For instance, one woman said she was absolutely terrified about what her former husband would be feeding her children on days they spent with him. She said it took much time to learn to relinquish control over every tiny aspect of their lives and trust that their father had their best interests at heart.

Temporary parenting plans made for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Many fans in Maryland and throughout the nation have been closely following the current family struggle between movie stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. There has been much controversy concerning the situation, including allegations of child abuse against Pitt. In a recent update, an announcement was made that the former couple has reached a temporary agreement with regard to parenting plans.

Jolie will reportedly retain custody of all six children for now. Childcare professionals have reportedly determined it in the children's best interests to continue therapeutic visits with their father. The agreement between Jolie and Pitt is said to have been signed by both parties.

Could your divorce be prolonged by anger?

As a divorce attorney, it is not surprising that I see my share of angry couples. The reasons for their contempt for each other may vary greatly depending on their individual circumstances. However, I tend to see patterns with these couples. In fact, when angry couples decide to divorce, the anger may (in a weird way) keep the couple together even though they are so intent on leaving the marriage.

This post will identify some of the reasons a marriage may be prolonged through divorce.

Native American tribe engaged in child custody battle

Not all custody battles in Maryland are between parents who divorce. Some situations may involve other family relatives. An ongoing child custody battle in another state arose after a horrific accident that left three children orphaned.

The tragic incident involved a motor vehicle crash that occurred in December 2015. It was a head-on collision that took the lives of a 26-year-old man and his 24-year-old wife. Sadly, the fatal accident left three children, ages 2, 4 and 6 without parents.

Helpful pieces of advice for divorcing women

Since it has been said that women initiate a majority of divorces in America, it behooves us to provide a post on divorce advice for moms and moms-to-be who are embroiled in disputes involving custody, child support and property division. After all, a majority of single family homes are headed by women, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Also, less than half of such women receive full and regular child support payments. There is also a notion that women do not fare as well with property division, even though it is relatively unfounded.

With that, we offer some helpful advice for moms going through divorce.

Elements surrounding Halloween parenting time disputes

With Halloween coming in a couple of weeks, some of our readers may be experiencing difficulty with deciding where their child will go Trick-or-Treating. In some instances, parenting time disputes may become vindictive in that a parent may not even want a child to take part in this annual event.

With parenting time disputes, there are a number of ways to reach an accord where parents do not feel as if they are being slighted. It is not uncommon for the child to go on two (or more) Trick-or-Treating adventures. 

Three ways to avoid financial calamities during divorce

Dealing with finances is one of the troubling emotional issues that must be dealt with during a divorce. After all, heartbreak is difficult enough to deal with; adding financial issues is like adding insult to injury. If you are going through a divorce, there are several ways to avoid the financial pain that can come about. This post will provide some helpful tips.

Start a financial separation – Once you know that a divorce has been initiated, it is helpful to close any joint bank accounts, credit cards and credit lines. Until you have a temporary order or a final order, your soon-to-be ex-spouse has the right to access these accounts and spend like crazy, and potentially leave you with the bill. Indeed, it is possible to obtain an order to make things right and hold a vengeful spouse accountable, but the trouble of going through such an exercise can be avoided. 

Three things to do after your divorce is finalized

Depending upon your appetite for celebrity relationship gossip, the recent announcement of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s impending divorce may, or may not be, a surprise. Those who closely follow tabloid news saw this coming. Those who don’t are probably wondering what went wrong in their relationship.

As of this writing, chances are that no petitions have been filed in court, but one thing is certain. If and when their divorce is finalized, there are a number of things they will do to protect their interests as individuals. This post will highlight a couple of things they are likely to do, and will serve as an example for couples in the midst of a divorce as they plan their post-divorce lives. 

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